Royal Windsor Street Photography

Photography on the streets of Windsor a few days before the royal wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

It’s nearly 20 years since I married my other half in the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead. Not in St Georges chapel I hasten to add, but down the road in Clewer Village church. After seeing the coverage building up to Harry & Meghan’s wedding, my dad (who lives in America), reminded me that on my wedding day we did a lap of the town in a white Rolls Royce, driving pass the castle and waving back at passers by.  It wasn’t planned, we were early and the chauffeur suggested a circuit of the town to kill time. It felt pretty special though.

Anyway, Windsor IS special to me. It’s where we set up our first home, where I’ve shot numerous weddings, and where I still enjoy the occasional shopping trip. So I thought I’d pop down and see what’s going on ahead of Saturday’s wedding, shoot a bit of street photography, and generally take in a bit of the action. I hold my hand up and say that this is not my forte, it’s not even proper street photography, but it’s something I enjoy doing when I have the time.

The town was in full wedding preparation mode (think wedding on steriods). Security barriers going up, dustbins being polished, bunting being hung, and a large police presence doing their best to ensure everyone stays safe. It felt like every other person was a journalist or cameraman, interviewing the locals, as well as the usual super fans who turn out for any big royal events (the most recognisable being pensioner Terry Hut who’s always there).

As well as the growing excitement, there’s also plenty of controversy. The homeless who it’s been reported have or will be moved on (I saw several opposite the castle who certainly weren’t being moved today at least but not cool if true), the cost of the security operation (rumoured to be 30 million of tax payers money), not to mention the police having their leave cancelled, and the ‘who will walk the bride up the aisle’ on-going saga.

Putting these to one side, I hope Harry and Meghan will be as happy as I have been since marrying my prince, and that they’ll one day get to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary as we will on the 6th June.

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