Top Ten Tips For Choosing An Engagement Shoot Location


So you’ve decided to have an engagement shoot. Congratulations on that alone, it’s such a great investment, and you’re going to have some fabulous photographs to remind you of this really special time in your lives.

Now, the next question is, what location should you go for? I’m always happy to suggest a location for my couples, but it’s even better if you are able to choose somewhere yourselves that’s just right for you. With this in mind, I’m going to give you some top tips through the medium of the ever popular, hold on to your hats it’s gonna get exciting, ‘Top Ten’ format. 😉

1. Somewhere You Feel relaxed

We could probably just stop there, because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters right? Jenny and John chose a royal park not far from their home for their relaxed early evening shoot. The distinct lack of onlookers and warm lazy evening meant the pair were able to come out of their shells with little encouragement from me. Like I always say, do whatever you like, no one’s looking! 😉


2. Somewhere with personal meaning

Hannah and John had been together since they were teeny tiny school kids, so what better location than an old school house? The location worked perfectly and provided a really special setting. eat your heart out Tucker Jenkins & Trisha Yates. *shows age with ancient Grange Hill reference*


3. Somewhere with cool architecture

It doesn’t have to be a city centre to have cool architecture, Sarah and James chose Kew Gardens for their shoot, and it provided a huge variety of both green and man made backdrops. I can’t remember what James was laughing at, but obviously I must have said something REALLY funny, obviously….

Fun location

4. Be inspired by the season

Matthew and Michelle’s engagement shoot embodies everything I love about the Spring. Time it right and your shoot will reflect the very best of the season.

Spring Engagement shoot

5. Celebrating work and play

Michael and Chanelle met whilst working together at the airport, so with the addition of a cheeky little press pass, we were able to use the amazing backdrop of Terminal 5 for their shoot. OK so not every work situation is going to be that exciting, but with a little imagination, this option could work for you.

terminal 5 photography

6. Your old ‘hood’

A really popular choice is to return to a neighbourhood you once lived in, maybe where you shared your first home. Adam and Katrina chose a London suburb and a favourite local park.


7. The house of love

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t have your shoot at home. After months of renovations, Philip and Fiona finally got to move into their new home. High fives all round.


8. It’s got to be fun

I’m returning to Jenny and John’s engagement shoot because this absolutely represents  spontaneous, cheeky, loved up and slightly naughty fun. Priceless. For non water lovers, substitute with eggs, cream or flour…..


9. Fairground attraction

A special place doesn’t have to be where you met, lived or worked, it can be just somewhere you enjoy being together.

Abi and Ian chose Brighton for their engagement shoot, and absolute gift of a location.


10. Lets just go for the dramatic

Finally, why not just go for somewhere that quite literally blows you away? *commence audio –  ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ *

James and Georgie chose the beach at Camber Sands as their location and the drama? Well that’s courtesy of gale force winds and a jolly good sandblasting. I’m game if you are!


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