The House Of Love ~ {Cobham Engagement Photography}


Fiona and Philip are just the nicest people and I’m really enjoying our partnership.  When a couple book me I join a part of their journey and I enjoy taking the time to get know them. I strongly believe that the end results are all the sweeter and the experience all the more satisfying for this investment. Fiona and Philip told me that of all the photographers they met it was me they felt the greatest rapport with, and so therefore I have to conclude that for this couple it’s not just about the photographs, it’s about the experience, which is of course something I have always said. I will be shooting their wedding in October and their reception at Rivervale Barn at Yately in Hampshire. I think it’s going to be pretty special.

Fiona apparently follows my blog rather closely,  indeed Philip told me she’s a bit of a stalker (Fiona you are not the first :)), so I kind of knew we’d be singing from the ‘same hymn sheet’. However when she asked if they could have some of the shoot at their home I knew it was going to be a little unusual. You see the couple have been waiting to move into their new home for an impossibly long time. Two years ago they fell in love with the area and their new house, but due to a very long wait and many disappointments,  have lost some of the love and excitement they originally felt for the project.  Fiona said; ‘We need some McKee magic!!’  Lets hope I managed to deliver, oh and if Nick Knowles happens to see this, yes I’m available! 😉

After shooting at the house we headed just down the road to a really pretty spot.

For our third location we took a walk around the glorious Painshill Park.

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