The Secret Life Of Bluebells


I have a shame of a very botanical nature; I have Spanish Bluebells growing in my garden. Yes that’s right, you heard me, Spanish!

How do I know this to be so? Well, our native Bluebells are never pink, oh and I also have white! Apparently the white is simply the blue that lacks pigment, a kind of Albino form. I do have millions of blue though so some of them have to be native surely? Does any of this matter? Of course not, a Bluebell by any other name should smell, well look so sweet (native smell sweet, Spanish apparently…don’t).

When mentioned in English literature, Bluebells symbolise solitude and regret. Tennyson speaks of Bluebell juice being used to cure snake-bites. I cannot endorse this and would recommend you seek medical attention at your earliest convenience. 😉

Why do we love Bluebells so much? It’s thought that the UK has at least half the worlds Bluebell population, if you’ve seen a woodland vista with a deep blue carpet, you may well subscribe to this.   However take a look at their individual beauty. The little trumpets that seem to herald Spring (except when we’ve had a ghastly prolonged Winter),  the way the petals curve back, but perhaps most of all, they are not just blue, they are many shades of blue, pink and white.  Totes amazing! 🙂