Shortlisted For UK Wedding Awards 2017

Today has been a great day! I’ve been shortlisted for Best Wedding Photographer in the UK Wedding Awards 2017
Best wedding photographer nominee 2017

So today I found out that for the second year running I have been shortlisted for Best Wedding Photographer in the UK Wedding Awards. To say I am thrilled is a bit of an understatement. To have been shortlisted in 2016 was amazing, but to be shortlisted again is just wonderful and a real confidence boost. It’s not just good for me personally though (who doesn’t love a pat on the back), but good for all my lovely couples who have placed their trust in me both in 2016, as well as those getting married this year and next. It reaffirms their decision to choose me to shoot one of the most important days of their life. My 2016 couples provided me with absolutely everything I needed to do my job just the way I love to. All their emotions, all those one off moments, all their support and kindness. Then my 2017 and 2018 couples, they’re providing me with the opportunities I need to continue to do what I love, to continue to grow.

Why Enter A Competition?

You may wonder about the value of these competitions, you may even wonder if they are necessary. Well I think they are and I’ll tell you why. It’s not unusual for us female photographers to doubt ourselves, especially in an industry that was traditionally dominated by male wedding photographers.  These days, there are some amazing photographers both male and female, who have a huge fan base and ‘rockstar’ status, within the industry at least! How I haven’t wished I might get the chance to photograph an engagement shoot on a dormant volcano, or a bride and groom portrait against an Icelandic snowscape.  There has been more than one occasion over the years when I’ve caught myself looking at other photographers work and thinking ‘I’ll never be that good!’ Being self critical and seeking peer approval? Oh yes I’ve done plenty of that. Beating one’s self up about our ‘art’ is part and parcel of being creative. We’re sensitive souls.  There has to be a point at which you say to yourself (and ok it may have taken me 9 years), ‘I may be just be good enough… in fact I’m bloody good!’ I ain’t no rockstar, but I love what I do and what I do I do really well 🙂

Why It Means So Much

These awards are open to everyone, not just those who shoot 50 weddings a year, but individuals like me who shoot 15 weddings and juggle running a business with caring and providing for a large family.  Those shortlisted have had their work scrutinised by some of the UK’s leading wedding influencers – Hitched, Perfect Wedding and You & Your Wedding. It’s a thumbs up, a ‘you’re doing great!’ Just being shortlisted along with all that talent displayed by my fellow nominees is a privilege. It’s a much needed boost and recognition that in an industry that isn’t widely regulated, I’m maintaining high standards and delivering great service. So, if you would like to vote for me I would be super grateful for your support, and my sensitive little soul will do a properly big happy dance. 🙂 

Best wedding photographer shortlistTo vote for Juliet Mckee Photography in the UK Wedding Awards 2017 please click on the following link. I cannot promise to give you all an individual smacker on the cheek, but I will blow you plentiful kisses from a far….