Rory & Poppy ~ {Hampshire Newborn Twin Photography}


This week I headed down to Hampshire for a very important date with the lovely Claire and her gorgeous newborn twin’s Rory and Poppy.

On the drive I found myself reflecting on how life has changed for me over the last 5 years. Before photography and back in my midwifery days, I clearly remember the day I delivered twins. It was an amazing experience but not without it’s stress! Thankfully for me, meeting Rory and Poppy and mummy Claire was a far less stressful event, indeed it was a delight. Claire, a paediatric nurse, had everything entirely under control and I know for a fact I wasn’t even half as well organised after my singleton deliveries!

It really is a huge honour to be invited by new parents to capture something so tiny and so precious, but as a mum of 4 I know just how special these images will be as Rory and Poppy grow. Thank you Claire for the privilege. x

“Many thanks for  your beautiful photographs. We will cherish them forever.”



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