Pride – My Siamese Cats

Ernest Hemingway once wrote ‘One cat just leads to another.’ I would agree strongly with this! Whilst I am not quite at the ‘crazy cat lady’ stage hording hundreds of semi feral cats, I do possess my own ‘pride’, or rather they possess me.

Having been owned by Siamese and Oriental cats I can honestly say I would have no other kind. There is something enormously special about them. Just ask my friend Zoe who came to visit once, or rather came to visit Mr Quentin my Blue Point male and his sister Mishka, a chocolate shaded Oriental (from the same litter!). To say she was smitten is an understatement. They welcomed her in to their home and made a big fuss of her. She felt special and ‘touched’. A few weeks later, giggling like naughty school girls, we found ourselves returning from a Thelma and Louise style road trip round the M25. In the back of the car 2 cat carriers containing the sum of not 2 but 4 kittens!

So it was that Mimi, a Seal Point and Thea, a Lilac Point were added to our family of ‘furbabes’.  All 4 cats have the same dad, but as a favourite movie quote goes,  Quentin is their ‘brother from another mother’, and despite appearing the total outsider, Mishka is their sister. After initial spats they all settled in to life together, and despite occasional ‘misunderstandings’ (mainly from Mishka depending on her mood), all get along wonderfully.

Pride - My Siamese Cats 1Pride - My Siamese Cats 2

Living with Siamese cats is never dull. They actively seek to be with you and are extremely affectionate.  I often work with one or two on my lap, and Quentin in particular has a routine in the afternoon of coming for a special cuddle and a squeeze against my chest. It’s widely documented that Siamese are one person cats, I have never found this and within our family they socialize and have special relationships with my family members.

The exception here is Mishka the Oriental, sometimes referred to as ‘Bitchka’. She can be very affectionate, rubbing herself against you and generally being a tart, but beware, she has a very loud voice and if you try and pick her up when she’s not in the mood, you’ll hear it and then some.

They are all very amusing, they chat and talk to you alot. They are clumsy at times and despite their elegant appearance are capable of making complete wallies of themselves. Mimi could have been named ‘Delboy’, she’s fallen off the table and down the back of a chair on more than one occasion.

The best thing about these special little ‘beings’ is that simply being with them makes me happy and fills me with a sense of relaxed contentment. When I was recently bereaved they brought a smile to my face when nothing else could just by looking at me and ‘wincing’, as I call it, their eyes. Sometimes when all four of them are wrapped around each other on my bed, I go and curl up with them. They live in a world of little concern and seem to sleep as much as Koala bears. I often refer to them collectively as ‘The Lazy Feckers’. 🙂

Pride - My Siamese Cats 3Pride - My Siamese Cats 4

‘In a cats eye, all things belong to cats.’ English proverb.

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“There is a particular disdain with which Siamese cats regard you. Anyone who has walked in on the Queen cleaning her teeth will be familiar with the feeling.” Douglas Adams

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“Cast you out demon, leave this cats soul!” Me! lol

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“A loving cat can mend a wounded heart.” Anonymous

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‘Thousands of years ago cats were worshiped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.’ Anonymous.

Pride - My Siamese Cats 24Pride - My Siamese Cats 25Pride - My Siamese Cats 26Pride - My Siamese Cats 27Pride - My Siamese Cats 28Pride - My Siamese Cats 29Pride - My Siamese Cats 30Thanks for looking. x