Wedding Photography Packages

I have a range of packages that work really well for most types of weddings, but I'm always happy to put together a bespoke package. Please get in touch to receive your copy. Apart from the date of your wedding, it's helpful to know the location and venue, and I'd love to know more about your plans. 

Get In Touch

Why Book Me?

I'm completely dedicated to documenting all aspects of your special day and producing a timeless collection of images that will evoke powerful memories for the rest of your life. I'm a 'people person' and will blend in with your guests to capture unobtrusive natural moments that you might otherwise miss. With over 13 years' experience, I'm a safe pair of hands!  

I can offer advice regarding timings, as well as recommending other great suppliers I've worked with over the years. After you book, I'll send you my advice booklet so that you have everything you need when planning your day to make the most of your photography.

We'll chat before your wedding and go over timings and any special requests you may have. On the day I'll have my schedule and I'll know exactly where you need me to be and what's expected. I won't need to interrupt the flow of your day and I'll work to get all the shots you want without delaying your schedule.

Oh, and I won't shout at your guests! Perish the thought! I've been a bride and I know how important it is to find the right photographer, so get in touch and let's talk.

Thinking About Booking?

If you would like me to photograph your wedding, please get in touch as soon as possible in order to secure your date. Whilst the Summer months are particulalry busy, I shoot weddings year round and I work on a first come first served basis. I am more than happy to chat with you first so that you can decide if you feel we are a good match. You'll be spending a lot of time with me on your wedding day! I can call you, or we can Skype or Facetime, and I'm happy to meet face to face for a chat too.

Booking Process

Once you decide you'd like to book me, and I'm available for your date, I'll require you to complete my online booking form and agree to my terms and conditions. When you've decided on the package and number of hours you'd like, as well as any extra's, I'll invoice you for a non refundable booking fee of £500. This secures your date and ensures the date is blocked for all other enquiries (meaning I will turn further work away for your date). Your final balance will be due 4 weeks before your wedding.

You can read testimonials from previous couples here.

What Does The £500 Booking Fee Cover?

The fee covers; contracts, emails, phone and video chats, planning help and advice, supplier recommendations, and all admin work, but by far the greatest aspect is reserving your wedding date and turning away any other potential bookings for your day.


Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes, I have full Indemnity and Liability insurance.

Q. Do you offer midweek and out of season discounts?

A. I have a midweek wedding package with an inbuilt adjustment, however I'm sorry I am not able to offer further discounts but please allow me to explain why. These days many couples choose to marry during the week and these bookings form a large proportion of my work. By discounting these weddings I would be running my business at a loss. In addition, midweek and winter weddings require just as much work as any other wedding, in fact winter weddings require additional skills to shoot, more equipment, and usually an extended editing time. 

Q. How many photographers cover each wedding?

A. Most of the time I work alone, but when couples request an additional photographer my assistant Debbie works alongside me. Debbie has worked with me for over 10 years and has a similar style of shooting, similar equipment, and is able to work independently and with confidence. She's also a real 'Girl Friday', and has been known to help with bow ties, sew on wayward buttons, and is a real asset to a day.

Q. Do you take group shots?

A. Yes of course, I view these as an important historical document and something generations of your family will look back at and enjoy. When planning your list, please do take into consideration the time of year and light restrictions, as well as allowing up to 5 minutes (sometimes longer) to set up and take each shot. A good number is around 5 combinations, and no more than 10.

Q. Can I make special photography requests?

A. Yes, definitely! Hopefully you will have hired me because you love and trust what I do, but it’s important for me to know any additional information so that I can produce a collection of images you will love. A month before your wedding I'll ask you to complete my wedding questionnaire where you can make any special requests.

Q.What happens if details change between booking and the wedding?

A. I encourage all my couples to get in touch whenever they have anything they need to discuss. During the pandemic I was able to move with all my clients to their rescheduled dates and as long as the new date is within a year of the original wedding date there are no additional charges.

Q. What happens if you are ill and cannot attend the wedding?

A. I have never, in 13 years, let a couple down or had to cancel coverage due to poor health (a fact I'm very proud of). In the unlikely event that I am unable to attend your wedding, please be assured that I belong to a large network of professional photographers, and every effort will be made to supply you with a photographer of similar style and ability.

Q. What happens if we have to cancel our wedding?

A. I sincerely hope you don’t, but sadly if you do have to cancel your wedding please let me know as soon as possible. As a secure booking prevents me taking other bookings for your date (meaning I may have turned away several other bookings), I am unable to refund your £500 deposit. Late cancellations (outside of governement restrictions on weddings) will incur my full fee.