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Luxe Bride Eco Editorial Shoot with Model Jade Pearl At Fetcham Park

I’m absolutely chuffed to be able to share this project I’ve been working on with some talented ladies and home team at Luxe Bride. Luxe Bride is a website community for brides, luxury bridal retailers, and all things bridal inspiration. Since its conception, it’s been growing and building followers, and today marks the launch of the first Luxe Bride magazine issue, ‘The Eco Issue’.

The central themes of the vegan movement, responsible sourcing in garment production, and the impact of the fashion industry are discussed. All so current right now, and something all brides should be aware of.

For these images, shot on a freezing December day, we worked with model Jade Pearl. Luxe Bride creative director Emma Marshall explains a little more. ‘Jade is an artist, designer, model and vegan who valiantly soldiered on through the shoot with a broken foot. We have a sports-luxe and up-cycle theme for January, and knowing how multi-dimensional my personal relationships are with my brides, I wanted to cast someone who would understand the themes, and be fully present and on board with the project.’

If you’d like to see the whole issue, including more delicious shots of Jade Pearl and some seriously beautiful frocks, Click Here. I’m neither a boutique owner or bride, but I found it a great read.

I must also just give a shout out to my best creative team whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with for the past six years. Obviously the creative brain that is Emma Marshall, also director and owner of Miss Bush Bridal, Sharon Roberts hairdresser, Carolanne Armstrong makeup artist, and the talented and evidently bio diversified Gayle of Bloomingayles. Add to this Leonie Lawmon, CEO of Luxebride, Katie Ruocco, sales director, Helen Howells the blog editor, and the fabulous designer Leah Spicer.

The location for our shoot was the outstandingly beautiful Fetcham Park in Surrey.  Thanks to Laura and Sandra for allowing us access to your beautiful venue.

Jade Pearl front coverLuxebride editorial at Fetcham Park in Surrey

Emma describes her brief for the shoot. ‘For Look, the mood board was off-the-scale weird- even for me. I included images of Arsenal women’s football team, glass paperweights representing the earth, and vegan logos.’ From this Gayle came up with this incredible botanical globe, a tiny floral microclimate that did its utmost to stabilise between the toasty interiors of Fetcham, and the frosty and frankly bloody freezing December day outside. Apparently it lasted weeks! This is one ‘bouquet’ that won’t wilt on your wedding day!

Biosphere gree wedding flowersBlack bridal makeup inspirationHottest bridal trends for 2019Miss Bush made to order bridalwear

Many of my brides will recognise both Sharon and Carolanne, as I recommend them to all my brides. We have worked together on many collaborative shoots over the years and it’s really helped us develop our individual skills, as well as our seamless working relationship. We get to try out new looks and styles of what we do and ultimately this benefits our clients.

In the 1st issue of Luxe Bride magazine, hairdresser and friend Sharon talks about how collaborating on shoots has helped her. Collaborating has benefited me enormously. Apart from having gorgeous images to use in all aspects of my business, I am now recommended to brides by the photographers, videographers, bridal boutiques, dress designers, makeup artists, florists and other suppliers, as genuine referrals, rather than just because we are mates!’

Carolanne talks about cruelty free makeup and beauty here. There was a sense of deja vu on this shoot as I shot Carolanne’s own wedding at Fetcham Park a few years ago!

Luxe Bride Magazine

Model – Jade Pearl

Creative Director – Emma Marshall

Makeup artist – Carolanne Armstrong

Hairdresser – Sharon Roberts

Florist and creator of that botanical globe – Gayle of Bloomingayles

Venue – Fetcham Park

Silk PJ bottoms – Lilly Ingen Hoven  

Silk hoodie – available to order through Luxebride boutiques.

Moncler Jacket – ‘Borrowed’ from stylist’s mate.

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