Kitty ~ Growing Up


I have reached the stage where I am heading for my mid forties (how did that happen?), it takes me longer to put my ‘face’ on in the morning and things need just a little bit more attention before leaving the house. However, the most wonderful thing about daughters (of which I am blessed with 2), is that you get to see their developing beauty and watch as they begin to make that journey from girl to young woman. It’s great therapy for the wrinkle bound, and I find getting older is all the more easy because I get to see my fresh faced daughter  just  beginning her journey. I wouldn’t say I am a mother who lives her life through her children, but it’s a huge joy to watch them grow and flourish and think, yep, I made that!

Kitty is 11 and fast approaching that milestone of leaving primary education for secondary and all that it holds – indeed in the final days.  These are times when she can still enjoy playing and has not developed a need yet to embrace all things ‘grownup’. Precious times indeed. I’m going to rave now as only a mother can about her own child; she is shy and terribly sweet natured, she’s extremely artistic and able to draw dogs cats horses, indeed most animals with acute detail and life far better than I ever could either as a child or now, she’s picked up my camera and already taken some killer shots and may well end up helping her mum out in the future which would be amazing! She is a wonderful big sister and a loyal best friend and we all love her to bits.

Last Friday was her year 6 leaving disco and before we left I convinced her to let me take some photographs. As a professional photographer I often find I haven’t taken enough photographs of my own family (something I have recently sort to rectify), so this was an opportunity I just couldn’t miss. It rained all day, as it probably did for you, but just before we left the sun came out, as well as Mishka the cat. I think I have managed to capture everything that is so special about my daughter.

Miss Kitty wears a citrine frock by Next with shoes and stoll by Primarni.

Miss Mishka wears her own chocolate shaded coat. Her necklace is by Freedom Fence ensuring she stays healthy and safe!