JD & Joanna ~ London Engagement Photography


Texans JD and Joanna have been over here on work placements for more than a year and have really loved their time in England. They return to the States later this year, but thought it would be lovely to get married before returning home. I will be capturing their wedding day in less than a month at the Windsor Guildhall,  but for their engagement shoot they asked for a real taste of London. When Westminster was mentioned I jumped at the chance to capture some romantic images in this most iconic of locations, especially as there is such a Jubilee and Olympic buzz about town right now.

Despite the fact I lived in Westminster for four and half years during my general nursing days, I have never actually walked around this particular part!  JD and Joanna were such wonderful company and we chatted all things including; wedding dresses and flowers, architecture, tourism (especially tourists who stand right infront of cameras ;)), and less serious matters such as how to ‘frolic’ in a photo! This of course is very importance.  Those couples that have experienced an engagement shoot with me before will testify to my insistance on some frolicking – them not me of course! I’m not sure if my request that JD and Joanna recreate  that Swayze/Grey lift at the end of Dirty Dancing wasn’t taking things a bit too far, but shall we say they delivered spectacularly. Anyway, I went home happy and topped up with a bit of culture, a camera full of memories, and a proper slice of fun and laughs. Here are the results.

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