In The Time Of Covid-19

Moving With The Times – Love In The Time Of Covid-19

How Are You Doing?

I hope you come to read this blog post in a safe place and feeling well.

In these uncertain times when Covid-19 is affecting all our lives, everyone one of us is having to adjust to new ways of living which would have seemed unimaginable just a few short months ago.

I know for my own family this is just as true. Whilst my children have found their schools and universities closed (and exams cancelled), and my husband’s working hours adjusted to reflect the downward turn in air travel, my own work has been severely affected due my couples having to postpone their weddings due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

I should be looking forward to prepping my kit and getting out there to document my couples’ wonderful weddings days. Instead I’m keeping in touch with my couples, working on the business behind the scenes, running a 24/7 domestic canteen, and eating far too much cake.

It’s not what any of us expected or wanted, and for many it has brought hardship and huge anxiety about what the future holds.  Thousands have had to deal with the unimaginable loss this virus has inflicted, and for those families life will never be the same again. It has impacted all of us, and we are having to work our way through this to create meaningful purpose in our daily lives to see us through to the other side of this pandemic.

Looking after ourselves, our loved ones, our communities. Having time to reflect on the past and everything we had the freedom to do (or always wanted to do), and planning in some way for what the future may hold.

I have faith in the scientific community and I know they will find a way through this (they have already achieved so much in so little time). I know that life will return, albeit in different ways, and we must not give up on everything we hope and dream of in the future.

The one thing all this has taught me is that when everything else is restricted, it’s our loved ones that hold the key to our feelings of wellbeing. Taking care of my family, being careful to look for the positives in our daily life, and learning not to dwell for too long on those things I cannot control, all help me to keep my shiz together!

Weddings and love in the time of Covid-19

There Will Be Love

Despite these difficult times, I have seen so many amazing wedding industry colleagues supporting each other, wether it be offering advice, or practical support. It’s been so so good to see. For instance, I am part of a fantastic ‘band of sisters’ who have all stepped up and are willing to cover for each other should one of us be ill or affected by the virus. This has been a huge comfort to me and them, and something I’ve been able to pass on to reassure my couples.

Right now it’s uncertain when weddings will be able to go ahead, and in what form. Will there be restrictions on where you can marry and how many guests you’ll be able to have? We just don’t know at the moment.

I am very much open for business and here to discuss your wedding plans with you and taking both 2021 and 2022 bookings. Despite everything, this really is a good time to be scheming and dreaming. There will be love, and there will be weddings!

Small weddings.

Postponed Not Cancelled

Most of my couples have now postponed their 2020 wedding and my hope is that by 2021 wedding season, everything will be back to some sort of normality and business as usual.

There are those however for whom postponing their wedding to next year just isn’t an option. It may be due to illness and time constraints, or any number of person reasons, and so for these couples I have introduced my new Bronze Wedding Package.

This new package is aimed at couples planning a small and intimate wedding where there will be you and your witnesses and up to 10 or so guests. The photography will cover the ceremony and then a portrait session afterwards.

There may be social distancing involved, but as a photographer I can work around this. Of course this will all adhere to whatever the current government guidelines are.

If you think my Bronze package would be right for your wedding plans, get in touch and we can chat further.

Wedding savings in Surrey.

Wedding offers during Covid 19.

For any couples who have arrived here and are still planning to get married in the next year or so, don’t give up on your wedding dreams. There is so much disappointment right now. Hopes have been dashed, and even plans abandoned. However we will get through this though, and there will good times ahead, and we are going to need ways to come together to reaffirm and celebrate love.

My kit is packed away for now, but not forever….

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