Headshots For Comedy Writer Sara Gibbs

Creating Headshots For Successful Comedy Writer And Author Sara Gibbs

Comedy script writer Sara Gibbs needed some headshots for various PR purposes. We had known each other for a number of years originally going back to a wedding blog she created, and it was especially important for Sara to use someone she knew and felt comfortable with. Together with my friend and colleague Carolanne Armstrong (expert hair and makeup artist), we created a set of images which Sara described as a ‘spectacular job’, finding the whole process quick and painless.

The low key session took place at Sara’s home (pre lockdown) where she felt most relaxed. We went at Sara’s own pace, keeping things nice and chilled, and taking our time to get some lovely portraits that reflect Sara’s personality.

Sara, who has recently published her first book; Drama Queen, has written about her experiences of growing up feeling she was different. She remembers being labelled a weirdo, a crybaby, and a drama queen! She recalls the intense emotions she experienced, and her physical reactions to sensory and emotional overload, as well as ‘tantrums’ which she’d later see as meltdowns. Eventually a relative with an autistic son suggested Sara was autistic, and from there she sought the help of a clinical psychologist and at the age of 30 was diagnosed with autism.

In this months Red magazine (see Memoir below), Sara has also written a touching piece about meeting her husband John, and describes him as ‘rare and special’. If you get a chance to read it do (I had to reach for a hanky).

Headshots for comedy writer and Drama Queen writer Sara Gibbs

As the mum of a girl who increasingly struggled, was labelled ‘quirky’, and who the system took 8 difficult years to diagnose with autism, this commission turned out to feel pretty personal.

I can honestly say that Sara’s book, which one review states is ‘hilarious compelling and shocking’, is such an important read. Everyone needs to know that girls with autism present very differently to boys (so empathetic, so funny, so clever they can literally mask their emotional and sensory difficulties in order to just fit in for hours, months, and years), and the more we can accept and understand neurodiversity,  will mean less girls having to wait years to be diagnosed and receive the right support. To quote Sara, a ‘diagnosis on the spectrum is no barrier to life full of love, laughter and success’. This gives me so much hope for the future.

These days Sara is an accomplished comedy writer who can claim Have I Got News For You, Dead Ringers, The News Quiz, and The Mash Report amongst her credits. She now has a selection of great headshots ready to use for press PR, publishing, and social media usage, and it was an absolute privilege to create these headshots for her.


Red article by comedy writer Sara Gibbs

Headshots for Sarah Gibbs

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Hair & Makeup – Carolanne Armstrong.

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