Hatching A Rebrand


I’ve been hatching some new branding.

I recently decided it was time to update my logo and branding. It’s not the first time I have done this, indeed my website and logo have undergone several changes over the last 7 years. So why rebrand at all?

Obviously big companies rely on logo recognition to draw in their target audience. Would you pick up a pot of Hellmann’s Mustard if the label was blue with a completely different font? For me it’s different. For one couples getting married ‘usually’ come to me just the once. I don’t rely on them recognising my branding to bring them back for more wedding photography. I don’t represent a big company, I just represent myself. It’s important to me that the look and feel of my website, and of course my logo, represent me as a person. It’s surprising just how much a font can say, and when it comes to the psychology of colour, well that’s a whole subject in itself.

All about me

What inspires? Images from my Instagram.

In the early days of my business, I was on a  steep learning curve. I literally had no IT training (apart from my old midwifery career and how to admit a lady to the labour ward – not that useful), and I picked up new Photoshop skills on a daily basis. I’m pretty proud to say I developed this website myself and have tweaked the look and feel of it as time’s gone on. My website has evolved, my photography has evolved and just like everyone, I have evolved.  In those vital few seconds after landing on my site, I want couples to start to getting a feel for who I am and what I’m all about. I’ve done the whole thing of looking at everyone else’s website and branding. I felt that pressure to compete and follow trends, but this time it’s different. I am finally happy and confident with where I am at, and who I am. I know who my clients are, and one things is certain, it’s always that personal connection I feel with them that takes this whole photography business to way beyond a job.


The new improved and even greener logo.

I designed my logo myself  and I’ve chosen a simple and honest font similar to my own handwriting. It’s not sophisticated or clever, but it will more than do.

The green of  the leaf represents simplicity and honesty, my integrity. It also symbolises my love of the English countryside and green open spaces. The joy I find in the natural world, as well as the not so natural world of my cats and dare I say, pet ducks. The flora out there – I work with the best florists in the business and I go wild for their amazing floral arrangements. Taste – a freshly mixed Mojito, any white New Zealand Marlborough (if taste has a colour they are definitely green), fresh assemble from scratch dishes, green veg and herbs. Green really is a colour of health!

Then when I view my portfolio my overwhelming feeling is of a person that loves to shoot couples against beautiful backdrops. There are fields and landscapes, stunning venues from tithe barns to Palladium mansions, and my style is natural and relaxed. The leaf is even reminiscent of an olive branch and represents friendship. It’s all personal to me, ‘I am’ my business.

Fine art prints

Wedding image presentation box.

I’ve chosen to change from my old contemporary USB flash drives to a more eco-friendly and rustic looking wooden version. My new look really brings my client packages together, and I think my couples will enjoy the look and feel of my physical branding. I hope they will see that I really value them. I am thankful that they trusted me to capture such special memories and I want them to continue enjoying them throughout the years.   It’s really important to me that they receive a personal experience and wedding photographs that capture their day just as they hoped for.

As recent bride Phoebe said; “Thank you for capturing every moment better than we could have shut our eyes and wished for.” 

By showing who you are and what you are about, you will attract the right clients and find it so much easier to manage and even exceed their expectations. Delighted couples, very happy photographer. 🙂


Considering A Rebrand?

If you are thinking of a rebrand for your photography business I would say go for it, but consider the following;

  • Who are you? Be truthful. Go with a look and feel that says something about who you are. Take a look at your portfolio, it will tell you so much!
  • Don’t just stick a new logo on, consider if your new look will compliment the overall look and feel of your website. Aim for a streamlined look, colour scheme and style.
  • Rebranding can be expensive. Work out what you will need to change from your website and maybe advertising, to physical products such as stationery and flash drives.
  • Tell people and be proud. A rebrand shows you are developing, evolving, and take pride in your business.

The look and feel of your brand is not going to appeal to everyone, but that’s ok, you only want to appeal to those who love what you do and feel a connection with you. I know I can’t possibly appeal to everyone nor would I want to.

I hope this has been useful. Do leave me feedback. 🙂


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