Victory Rolls & Tartan At Great Fosters

A Brilliant Summer wedding at Great Fosters Hotel With bridal Victory Rolls & A Snappy Tartan Dressed Groom

Alex & Phoebe Wedding

In June I headed to Great Fosters to capture Alex and Phoebe’s wedding nuptials. I’d been looking forward to their big day ever since we met via Instagram. They had just booked Great Fosters for their wedding, and Phoebe’s selfie of them popped up beneath the hashtag #greatfosters. I said hello, they came to see me, and the rest as they say, is history.

Alex is a stand-up comic who writes for the Huff Post, and also happens to be You And Your Wedding‘s resident Groom columnist (see The Art Of Grooming). Phoebe is a beautiful charming blonde bombshell, and also happens to be one smart cookie.  This was going to be good!

I’m not going to apologise for the length of this blog post, there is just too much goodness to share. Phoebe’s amazing ‘Victory Rolls’ courtesy of Carolanne Armstrong.  A typically amazing Suzanne Neville gown.  Alex’s epic threads and all over charm . Fantastic family and friends. As you might expect, hilarious speeches. Croquet on the lawn as the sun went down. Divine and very photogenic little people. Funny, touching, meaningful, just glorious.

Phoebe says; ‘ Juliet, I don’t know what to say.. they’re absolutely perfect! You managed to capture the day so beautifully and we are so, so very grateful. They are honestly just beautifully taken, edited, everything. We always felt in very safe hands with you as our photographer but even these are above and beyond what we could have ever wished for.  Thank you!! ‘

Alex says; ‘Just wanted to say thank you from me as well.  We totally love the pictures, they’re definitely exactly what we were hoping they would be and more.’

Alex and Phoebe, you rock. Enjoy. J x

Wedding pictures Great FostersWedding bouquetPhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-4Wedding day video messagePhoebe & Alex weddingGift from groomPhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-2Mrs Smith-1Carolanne Armstrong makeupPhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-7Little flowergirl-1Great Fosters bridePhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-13Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-5ClassiqueSuzanne Neville bridesPhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-15Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-16Suzanne Neville frockPhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-17Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-18Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-19Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-20Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-21Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-22Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-23Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-24Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-5Orangery decoration Great FostersPhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-33Orangery Great Fosters weddingPhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-36Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-35Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-37Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-39Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-38Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-40arrival of bridesmaidsPhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-47Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-49Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-48Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-50Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-52Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-55Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-56Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-58Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-59Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-60Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-64Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-65Sweetest flowergirlPhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-66Being papped-1The groups-1Parents of the brideThe groups-2Alternative group shotsJuliet mckee Photography - Alex & Phoebe Smith-1Juliet mckee Photography - Alex & Phoebe Smith-2Juliet mckee Photography - Alex & Phoebe Smith-3Juliet mckee Photography - Alex & Phoebe Smith-4Juliet mckee Photography - Alex & Phoebe Smith-5Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-82Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-81Juliet mckee Photography - Alex & Phoebe wedding day Smith-1Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-83Juliet mckee PhotographyWedding at Great FostersPhoebe & Alex-1-4Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-85Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-87Alternative wedding photosPhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-88Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-89Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-90AlexPhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-91Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-92Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-94Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-95Phoebe & Alex-1-3Phoebe & Alex-at Great FostersPhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-97wedding guestsCandid wedding shots-4Candid wedding shots-3Great Fosters Orangery weddingPhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-70ReportagePhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-72Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-69Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-27Phoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-25Wedding cakePhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-28Red rose and vintage story themePhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-30Wedding day poetry cakePhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-26Vintage wedding receptionPhoebe & Alex - Great Fosters-31Iced poetry wedding cakeWedding poetry decor-1Great Fosters reception ideasTithe Barn Great FostersGreat Fosters wedding photographer-14candy buffetWedding detailsGreat Fosters wedding photographer-15Great Fosters wedding photographer-16Great Fosters wedding photographer-17Great Fosters wedding photographer-32Great Fosters wedding photographer-33Great Fosters wedding photographer-34Great Fosters wedding photographer-35Great Fosters wedding photographer-36Great Fosters wedding photographer-37Great Fosters wedding photographer-38Great Fosters wedding photographer-39Great Fosters wedding photographer-40Great Fosters wedding photographer-41Great Fosters wedding photographer-43Great Fosters wedding photographer-42Great Fosters wedding photographer-44Great Fosters wedding photographer-45Great Fosters wedding photographer-46Great Fosters wedding photographer-47Great Fosters wedding photographer-49Great Fosters wedding photographer-50Great Fosters wedding photographer-48Great Fosters wedding photographer-19Great Fosters wedding photographer-8Great Fosters wedding photographer-9Great Fosters wedding photographer-10Great Fosters wedding photographer-11Fox glovesGreat Fosters wedding photographer-13Great Fosters wedding photographer-1Great Fosters wedding photographer-2Great Fosters wedding photographer-4Great Fosters wedding photographer-5Great Fosters wedding photographer-6Great Fosters wedding photographer-7Great Fosters wedding photographer-51Summer time weddingGreat Fosters wedding photographer-54Great Fosters wedding photographer-53Evening timeGreat Fosters wedding photographer-18Great Fosters wedding photographer-22Great Fosters wedding photographer-23Great Fosters wedding photographer-24Great Fosters wedding photographer-25Great Fosters wedding photographer-26Late afternoon at Great FostersGreat Fosters wedding photographer-29Evening pictures-1Great Fosters wedding photographer-30Great Fosters wedding photographer-27Great Fosters wedding photographer-28Cut that cake-1The First dance-1Great Fosters wedding photographer-55

Venue – Great Fosters Hotel, Egham Surrey.

Hair & Makeup – Carolanne Armstrong.

Phoebe’s dress – Classique by Suzanne Neville.

Catch up with Alex Smith’s You and Your Wedding column, The Art Of Grooming, in each issue of the magazine and online here.


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