Garden Marquee Wedding Surrey

A Glamorous Garden Marquee Wedding In Godalming Surrey

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There is so much so say about this wedding, it really was very special. A perfect country garden wedding, celebrated in the beautiful surroundings of the family home, with friends and family, not to mention the bride’s beloved horse.

I was introduced to Rachael and Matt by Stephanie, the groom’s sister,  who I’ve know for some time through the wedding world and a rather popular London cake company. Rachael came to see me and told me all about their wedding plans, and it just sounded so lovely that I knew it would be a joy to capture.

I began the day by photographing Rachael and her bridesmaids final preparations at the family home near Godalming.  A marquee had been erected and the final touches were being put in place by super florists Divine At No.12, and by the caterers Caper & Berry.

It was a really warm sparkly sunny day, indeed the Summer Solstice. As I set about my work I found no shortage of beautiful spaces to photograph Rachael’s delicate flowers, delicious Jimmy Choos, and divine Jenny Packham wedding dress. I also introduced myself to Connor, Rachael’s horse, and his stable mates who were casting their big soulful eyes over everything, it was all really rather wonderful.

Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-1Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-2Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-25Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-26Divine country wedding-1Equine friendly weddingRachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-28Divine country wedding bouquet-1All grown upRachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-7

How stunning is Rachael’s 1920’s inspired Jenny Packham wedding dress? It’s covered from top to toe in tiny beads and has a beautiful crystal belt. Just dreamy! I have to thank Rachael’s lovely sister for ‘handling’ the dress and helping me set up this shot!

Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-4Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-6Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-5Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-14Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-12Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-13Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-16Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-17Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-18Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-15Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-19Delicate detailsRachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-9Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-10Rachael wedding 21.6.14-1Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-33Sisters of the brideRachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-35Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-36bridesmaid preparationRachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-11Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-29Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-31Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-32Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-45Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-39Beautiful bridePerfect up do.Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-46Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-47Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-43Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-44Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-41Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-48Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-49Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-50Rachael & Mat wedding 21.6.14-1Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-40Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-38Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-53Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-56Divine at no 12 brideRachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-54Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-58Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-57SistersRachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-66Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-62Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-64

Rachael and Matt chose the beautiful Parish church of St Peter and St Paul for their wedding. It’s a really spacious church with great light, beautiful architecture, and one of the nicest vicars (Beverly) you will meet!

Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-68Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-69Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-81the grooms partyRachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-70Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-71Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-74St Peter & st Paul GodalmingRachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-73Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-80The BridesmaidsRachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-77Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-75Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-79Waiting for the brideRachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-83Godalming wedding photography-2Godalming wedding photography-3Rachael & Matthew wedding 21.6.14-84Godalming wedding photography-4Godalming wedding photography-7Godalming wedding photography-9Godalming wedding photography-11Godalming wedding photography-12Godalming wedding photographer-7Godalming wedding photographer-9Godalming wedding photographer-11Godalming wedding photographer-12Rose petal confettiGodalming wedding photographer-13The bestest manGodalming wedding photographer-14Godalming wedding photographer-15Godalming wedding photographer-16Godalming wedding photographer-17Godalming wedding photographer-18Godalming wedding photographer-20Godalming wedding photographer-21Godalming wedding photographer-22Godalming wedding photographer-23Gigi-1Godalming wedding photographer-24Godalming wedding photographer-26Godalming wedding photographer-27Godalming wedding photographer-28Rose petals-1Vintage red wedding bus-1Godalming wedding photographer-30Godalming wedding photographer-31Surrey Country wedding-1Surrey Country wedding-12Caper & Berry wedding reception-1Country marquee wedding photographySurrey Country wedding-2Caper & Berry wedding GodalmingSurrey Country wedding-9Happy wedding guestsSurrey Country wedding-6Relaxed country weddingSurrey Country wedding-13Caper & BerrySurrey Country wedding-10Surrey Country wedding-11Surrey Country wedding-5

Probably my favourite part of the day, from a photography point of view, was photographing Rachael and Matt with Connor, and then spending a little time in the private garden to capture some beautiful and intimate portraits of the newlyweds.

Beautiful country wedding-1Beautiful country wedding-3Rachael & ConnorBeautiful country wedding-2Surrey Summer wedding photography-14Surrey Summer wedding photography-16Surrey Summer wedding photography-15Surrey Summer wedding photography-17Surrey Summer wedding photography-20Surrey Summer wedding photography-18Surrey Summer wedding photography-21Surrey Summer wedding photography-11Surrey Summer wedding photography-23

It’s not everyday I get to incorporate a frog into wedding photographs, but this little chap was dead keen to get in on the action having hitched a ride on Matt’s shoe during the guys shots. 🙂

Relaxed wedding group shots-5Wedding frog-1-2Wedding frog-1Relaxed wedding group shots-4Relaxed wedding group shots-1-2Wedding speeches-2Relaxed wedding group shots-6Surrey Summer wedding photography-35Rachael & Matthews marquee-1Rachael & Matthews marquee-1-2Pretty Summer wedding flowersSurrey Country wedding-7Divine flowersRachael & Matthews marquee-2Giant Wedding balloonsMarquee decor-1Bride and groom place settingsDive at No.12 flowers-1Wedding speeches-3Wedding speeches-4Wedding speeches-5Wedding speeches-6Wedding speeches-7Wedding speeches-8Wedding speeches-9Wedding speeches-10Wedding speeches-11Wedding speeches-12Wedding speeches-14Wedding speeches-15The grooms speech-1Wedding speeches-16Wedding speeches-17Wedding speeches-18Wedding speeches-19Wedding speeches-20Summer wedding reception-4Wedding speeches-21Wedding speeches-22Summer wedding reception-5Wedding speeches-23Wedding speeches-24Wedding speeches-25Summer wedding reception-2Summer wedding reception-3Summer wedding reception-1Summer wedding reception-6Juliet Mckee photoboothWedding photoboothsJuliet Mckee photoboothEvening marquee reception-17Evening marquee reception-1Evening marquee reception-3Evening marquee reception-4Evening marquee reception-8Evening marquee reception-9Evening marquee reception-10Evening marquee reception-12Evening marquee reception-14Evening marquee reception-15Evening marquee reception-18Evening marquee reception-27Evening marquee reception-29Evening marquee reception-30Evening marquee reception-31Evening marquee reception-32Evening marquee reception-28Evening marquee reception-34Evening marquee reception-35Evening marquee reception-36Evening marquee reception-37Evening marquee reception-38Evening marquee reception-39Wedding swing bandEvening marquee reception-40Evening marquee reception-41Evening marquee reception-42Evening marquee reception-43wedding disco-1evening dance-1-2Evening marquee reception-21Evening marquee reception-23Evening marquee reception-24Evening marquee reception-16Evening marquee reception-25Evening marquee reception-26

Such a great day! Here’s what the happy couple had to say.

“My gosh, the photos are absolutely perfect and beautiful and I am so so happy with them! They are exactly what I wanted and have given me the happiest feeling looking back at them.

You have really captured the feel of the day – everyone looks like they are having so much fun! 

Thank you for doing such a superb job and for being so excellent all round. It was a real pleasure to have you at our wedding. I will be sure to always recommend you and tell people how fantastic you are.” Rachael & Matt

An absolute pleasure. J x


Roll Of Honour

Makeup and hair – Sarah Edwards Knight

Frock – Jenny Packham ‘Kathleen

 Shoes – Jimmy Choo ‘Luna’

Flowers – Divine At Number 12

Cake – Peggy Porschen

Church – St Peter & St Paul Godalming

Caterers – Caper & Berry


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