Frensham Heights Wedding Photography

A Beautiful Spring Wedding At Frensham Heights School Near Farnham In Surrey

Juliet Mckee Frensham wedding-110 I loved this wedding so much. I initially heard from James and Sarah in June last year and was delighted when they booked. Of course this had nothing to do with the prospect of photographing the beautiful flame haired Sarah! Well alright, I admit it, I do have a bit of thing for redheads!

James and Sarah have been wonderful to work with. I really enjoyed our engagement shoot at Kew Gardens last September and Sarah and I have stayed in regular contact ever since planning the photography coverage for their big day. I met with Sarah, her mum and her bridesmaids and families at Groomes, a light, airy, and private residence, perfect for bridal preparation. There was an air of relaxed excitement with Leona on make up and the safe hands of friend and colleague Sharon on hair.

Later I travelled on to St James’s Church in Rowledge village, where a dapper James was greeting guests with big smiles and a perhaps just the slightest hint of nerves. The beautiful ceremony was followed by an ultimate ‘confetti moment’, before the couple and their guests travelled on to nearby Frensham Heights School. Frensham Heights is a perfect wedding venue, and one I have been lucky enough to shoot at before.

The weather was on our side, if a little chilly, so we straight away set out into the gardens to capture some beautiful portraits of the pair, before guests started to arriving and the celebrations really kicked off! This was an elegant,  fun and lively wedding day to capture. The couple’s families were so lovely, including all their wonderful grandparents.

I hope you all enjoy the photographs. James and Sarah, thank you for being such a joy to work with. J x

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 Bridal Hair – Sharon Roberts

Make Up – Leona Seymour

Dress – Jasmine Bridal from JS Couture

Sarah’s head dress and jewellry – Gillian Million

Shoes – Rainbow Club

Flowers – Reads Florist Oxshott

Church – St James Rowledge

Venue – Frensham Heights