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I’m absolutely thrilled to have my photographs appear as part of a feature on the Folksy blog today. The article is entitled ‘How Professional Photographs Can Boost Your Business And Confidence’. It’s been written by wonderful artist Trudi Murray whom I visited and photographed in her studio last year.

The piece is really about how having her studio, her work, and herself photographed, provided Trudi with a collection of images that enable her to create a colourful online presence full of her personality. It allowed potential customers to see her work in all it’s glory through a her new website, as well as a proper social media presence. After our session Trudi went on to be featured on Creative Boom as well as The Pool, thus demonstrating the importance of professional photographs in getting your business out there and noticed.

Trudi Murrah on professional photographs


Trudi says; “When the photos came through I almost fainted. What an asset! I loved every one of them. Most of all, they made me feel confident. Working alone can be isolating, and it’s easy for me to question whether I’m doing anything apart from talking out loud to the cats all day long. But seeing what I do through someone else’s eyes (in this case, a lens) made me know for sure that I have something here. Juliet could not have taken photos of nothing. For me, that was defining, and exhilarating.”

It’s so gratifying to know that by joining together in this creative process, not to mention making a new friend, I have helped in a some small way to boost Trudi’s business as well as her confidence. She’s doing so well, creating new collections, and receiving some amazing commissions. I’m so looking forward to working with her again in the future.

Professional photography For BusinessTrudi says; “I would highly recommend investing in some professional photographs. Like I said, I just want to make art and I’m quite happy to pay for someone else’s skill in photography! Best of all, I’ve made a new friend and work colleague in Juliet. Life is good, and people are brilliant, and we can all help each other. I don’t need to be alone in my loft any more than I want to be. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go talk to my cats some more.”

You can read the full article  on the Folksy blog here.