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Epiphanie Camera bag – A Review

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According to my husband I have far too many camera bags. Pfft, what does he know eh girls? I don’t actually think it’s possible to have too many. I find I need a different bag for every different situation. Note the word ‘need’, not want, I definitely need it! 😉

For engagement shoots I like to travel pretty light, just one body and a couple of lenses, and for weddings I use a Think Tank Airport Takeoff roller bag for the bulk of my gear, and like to have a shoulder bag with my immediate ‘go-to’ lens, spare batteries, cards and obviously, my lipstick.

I’ve been doing really well with my pimped up Boden shoulder bag, but I have to admit, it’s starting to look a little scruffy for weddings, plus the shoulder strap does tend to dig in a little when the bag is full. So, I had the perfect excuse to shop around and find a new bag.

I am the sort of person who makes two types of purchases, the impulse buy when I’m confronted with a ‘must have’ item in a shop, and then the heavily researched, thoroughly Googled, carefully considered purchase. My new Epiphanie bag falls in to this category.

There are several well known brands of ladies ‘camera handbags’ available these days, and to be honest I’ve put off buying one as I always felt the prices were pretty steep for what is essentially a synthetic handbag. However, there is a lot to be said for a waterproof, built for purpose bag, not least the fact, as in the case of the Epiphanie ‘Ginger’, that they have a wonderfully cushioned shoulder strap. Let me hear you say ‘Ahhh’. Yes! No more digging in.

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I like that Epiphanie was the brainchild of Maile Wilson, an experienced photographer. A little like my pimped handbag, she created a product that would dispense with the need for an ugly camera bag. The difference being she went on to create and sell a lot of bags, wheris I just pleased myself. Darn, the money I could have made….

Epiphanie Ginger Caramel-3Epiphanie Ginger camera bag

The difference between this and my pimped up handbag is it’s proportions. Ladies, this is one time I have to boast about my fat bottom. The bottom of the bag that is. You see the Ginger may be delightfully squidgy and soft and able to sit comfortable against your body, but that wide bottom means you’ll fit all the gear you want in there without everything feeling wedged in. Don’t get me wrong here, we are talking plump, not ginormous. It’s still a relatively slimline bag.

There are also pockets on either side and at each end for your phone, keys, makeup, cards and other smaller items. The bag comes with a little camera charm which is pretty cute, but apart from that there is no clue that you are carrying around your expensive gear, and I would happily use this bag when I’m not shooting for everyday use. The stitching seem to be good quality and if you like you can detach the shoulder strap.

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I went for ‘Caramel’ as I like things to be fairly toned down for work, but the bag is also available in Bisque (creamy/beige), grey or slate blue.  Meanwhile if you like something a little more vibrant and funky, Epiphanie have other ranges with a huge selection of colours.

Epiphanie Ginger Caramel-9Ephiphanie camera bags

So the test, just what did I manage to fit in this baby? Well take a look. Not bad ha? You can play around and reconfigure the bag, but I think I’ll stick with the way it came.

Epiphanie Ginger CaramelEpiphanie Ginger Caramel-13

Main Measurements

14″L x 8″W x 10″H
weight: 2.5 lbs.


The images are as true to life as I could get them, no actions have been used.

Where To Buy

I bought my Epiphanie from UK stockist CosyCameras

Epiphanie main USA site –  Epiphanie


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