Cain Manor Christmas Wedding

Eleanor & Michael’s Elegant And beautiful Cain Manor Christmas Wedding

‘…. the most elegant and lovely of days with the right balance of festive charm, Winter whites, and red berry flavours.’

Eleanor & Michael-118 Eleanor and Michael chose Cain Manor for their wedding just before Christmas. Their whole day is a perfect example of how to ‘do’ a Christmas wedding without being overtly ‘Christmassy’. In fact, this wedding is the most elegant and lovely of days with just the right balance of festive charm, Winter whites, and red berry flavours.

The days before, and indeed after the wedding, the weather was truly awful, but for Eleanor and Michael, the sun came out and everything was super sparkly with plenty of fabulous Winter sun. Eleanor and Michael, this was such a special day to be a small part of. Thank you for being such a delight to photograph. Juliet x cain manor weddingcain manor weddingcain manor weddingWinter wedding Cain Manor I met Eleanor when she was a bridesmaid for Lucy and Giles.  This meant I already knew some of her friends, and the atmosphere in the morning was fun and very relaxed.  Eleanor has a wonderful circle of close girlfriends and seeing them come together, along with her younger sister to support and delight in Eleanors happiness was a treat.

These are the special moments I love to capture and why I always encourage brides to have me there to capture their getting ready. Eleanor & Michael-16Eleanor & Michael-4Eleanor & Michael-21Rainbow bridal shoescain manor weddingW1 White OneEleanor & Michael-9Eleanor & Michael-8Marabou stoll-1Eleanor & Michael-15Eleanor & Michael-22Eleanor & Michael-24Eleanor & Michael-10Eleanor & Michael-11Eleanor & Michael-12Eleanor & Michael-13Getting readyEleanor & Michael-32Eleanor & Michael-33Eleanor & Michael-47Eleanor & Michael-41Eleanor & Michael-45Cain Manor brides room-1Eleanor & Michael-42Eleanor & Michael-43Eleanor & Michael-27Eleanor & Michael-36Eleanor & Michael-34Eleanor & Michael-37Eleanor & Michael-39mum-of-the-nrideEleanor & Michael-48Eleanor & Michael-50Eleanor & Michael-49 The wedding ceremony took place at St Josephs church at Hindhead. It was a beautiful ceremony, with red roses adorning  pews and candles creating the prettiest light. Any pre-wedding nerves soon disappeared when the loveliest of priests misplaced his notes and bible reading. After a somewhat lengthy pause, he soldiered on and did a fine job too! Eleanor & Michael-89Eleanor & Michael-54Eleanor & Michael-55Eleanor & Michael-56Cain Manor WeddingEleanor & Michael-57Eleanor & Michael-58Eleanor & Michael-59Eleanor & Michael-60Eleanor & Michael-63Eleanor & Michael-65Eleanor & Michael-66Eleanor & Michael-68St Josephs HindheadEleanor & Michael-69Eleanor & Michael-74Eleanor & Michael-81Eleanor & Michael-76Eleanor & Michael-77Eleanor & Michael-78Eleanor & Michael-80Eleanor & Michael-82Eleanor & Michael-83Eleanor & Michael-85St Josephs church HindheadEleanor & Michael-86Eleanor & Michael-87Eleanor & Michael-90Eleanor & Michael-91Eleanor & Michael-92Christmas wedding Cain manorEleanor & Michael-94Winter wedding cakeEleanor & Michael-96Cain manor Winter weddingsEleanor & Michael-100Juliet Mckee Photography cain manorEleanor & Michael-112Eleanor & Michael-113Eleanor & Michael-115Eleanor & Michael-117Eleanor & Michael-116Winter white bouquet-1Cain Manor Christmas weddingEleanor & Michael-110Winter bouquetbeautiful winter weddingEleanor & Michael-104Eleanor & Michael-111Chrsitmas weddingEleanor & Michael-109Eleanor & Michael-108Winter sunset bride & groomEleanor & Michael-99Eleanor & Michael-120Eleanor & Michael-121Eleanor & Michael-122Mother-of-the-brideEleanor & Michael-123Eleanor & Michael-124cain manor weddingEleanor & Michael-127red roses for a winter weddingEleanor & Michael-132Winter bridesmaidWedding partyWinter red bouquet-1-2Grooms party Cain manorEleanor & Michael-128Eleanor & Michael-129Gromms party-1Mother of the bride Cain Manor

This was my first wedding Cain Manor and I really have to say, the Elizabethan Manor house is the perfect venue for a Winter wedding. Roaring fires, flickering candles, warm mulled wine, deep comfy leather sofas, relaxed guests and one very happy bride and groom. Eleanor & Michael-2Winter venuesEleanor & Michael-98Eleanor & Michael-133Guests at cain manor-1Eleanor & Michael-134Eleanor & Michael-135Eleanor & Michael-136Eleanor & Michael-137Eleanor & Michael-125Eleanor & Michael-141Table plan-1Cain Manor candlit receptionEleanor & Michael-139Eleanor & Michael-138Eleanor & Michael-142Winter wedding reception-5Eleanor & Michael-143Eleanor & Michael-144Eleanor & Michael-145Eleanor & Michael-146Eleanor & Michael-150Eleanor & Michael-151Eleanor & Michael-147Eleanor & Michael-148Eleanor & Michael-149Eleanor & Michael-152Eleanor & Michael-154Eleanor & Michael-155The speechesEleanor & Michael-156Eleanor & Michael-153Eleanor & Michael-155Signing Eleanors bookEleanor & Michael-157Eleanor & Michael-158Eleanor & Michael-159Eleanor & Michael-160Eleanor & Michael-161Eleanor & Michael-162Eleanor & Michael-163Eleanor & Michael-164Eleanor & Michael-165Eleanor & Michael-166Eleanor & Michael-167Eleanor & Michael-168Eleanor & Michael-169Eleanor & Michael-170Eleanor & Michael-171Eleanor & Michael-172Eleanor & Michael-173Eleanor & Michael-175Eleanor & Michael-176Eleanor & Michael-177Eleanor & Michael-178Cain Manor disco-1Eleanor & Michael-180Eleanor & Michael-140 Venue – Cain Manor

Dress – Pronovias White One from Chobham Bride

Shoes – Rainbow Club

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