Bethany & Stuart

Bethany & Stuart Finally Get To Have Their Stunning Froyle Park Wedding

The lovely Bethany and Stuart are another of my couples who should have married last year, and we all know what happened next! So it was an absolute and long awaited delight for them to finally marry and for me to capture their special day for them. An added bonus was their chosen venue; Froyle Park Country Estate, a real favourite of mine.

The day started a little stressy with various suppliers being ‘pinged’, but all went very smoothly after that. Following a ceremony in the Great Hall, the party moved outside for confetti and canapés, and photographs in between showers! Yes, it was a bit of rain one minute, sunshine the next kind of a day, but we worked around it and had fun in the process.

Later the wedding breakfast was served in the Ballroom, before some wonderful speeches, including the Best man’s who sadly couldn’t be there and delivered his speech by video. 🙁

After the wedding breakfast we popped back outside for a few more photographs. Although we didn’t really get a golden sunset, we did have dry weather and gorgeous diffuse light, so I was happy and so were my colleagues from Razor Blade Weddings who were videoing the day.

Two of the many highlights from the day came near to the end of my cover. Firstly Beth and Stu’s brilliant choreographed first dance, and then a surprise dance, Beth and her dad’s hilarious (and might I say technically excellent) ‘first dance’, which came as a massive surprise to Beth’s mum!

This was such a beautiful wedding to photograph. Bethany and Stuart are very easy on the eye, but even more importantly, they were so relaxed and an utter joy to photograph and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Bethany and Stuart, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. Thanks so much for having along for the ride. Here is your preview. Enjoy! Jx

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Venue –  Froyle Park Country Estate

Hair & Makeup – CJ Beauty & Co

Flowers – Fiona Curry

Wedding cake – Baroque Bakes

Videography – Razor Blade Weddings 

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