Bespoke Flash Training With Brett Harkness


Last week I got together with a group of wedding photography pals for a day of flash training with the Lord of Lighting and the King of flash, Brett Harkness.

Like many contemporary wedding photographers, I always prefer to use natural light whenever possible, this gives my work it’s trademark soft light and natural feel. Using available light is a skill, and can be very flattering when used creatively, and it can be less than flattering if you get it wrong. With Winter weddings ahead (I have a couple in December), I’ve realised I’m not always going to be able to rely on there being beautiful natural light. The days are short and I anticipate there are bound to be situations when my on camera flash(speedlite), won’t always give me the look I want.

I know some of my industry friends had been having similar thoughts, so when one of them suggested a bespoke flash training course with Brett it was a no brainer, I had to be there. For me being a photographer is very much a creative process. Like many female photographers I use my camera as an extension of myself and switch settings according to what experience tells works best. However, I know by learning new skills I can push the boundaries of what I hope to achieve, and this means that ultimately, I can improve the end product for my clients.

For this course we headed to one of my favourite (and somewhat light challenging) venues, Fetcham Park. As the sun began to set, the flash gear came out,  and we began to learn the art of off camera flash.  Here are the results.

Brett Harkness Juliet Mckee Photography-6Flash-training-FetchamFlash course Juliet Mckee Photography-9Brett Harkness Flash trainingFlash course Juliet Mckee Photography-5Flash course Juliet Mckee Photography-13Flash course Juliet Mckee Photography-19Flash training courseFlash course Juliet Mckee Photography-20Flash course Juliet Mckee Photography-21Flash course Juliet Mckee Photography-20-2Flash course Juliet Mckee Photography-1-3KCM_6419_webFlash course Juliet Mckee Photography-36Flash-courseFlash course Juliet Mckee Photography-35Flash course Juliet Mckee Photography-29

Many thanks to Brett Harkness for an excellent training day and for helping me to spend lots of money on new equipment.

Thank you to lovely Laura Caudery for her generosity in allowing us to use beautiful Fetcham Park.

Thanks also to Genevieve and Dan, our gorgeous models, for freezing their butts off!

Finally thanks to Eddie, for arranging the course for us, and to her and the rest of the posse; Kirsten, Zoe, Vicki and Emma, for being great company for the day!