Anything Is Possible ~ My 2012 Review


As the end of the year draws near, I felt compelled to share a few words with you.

Gorgeous Lucy,  Pendell House. 2.5.12.

I started out wanting to create a photo review of the year, but after looking through all the images I’ve captured I just couldn’t get my selection down to a manageable number. The couples I have met this year have, without exception, been wonderful, and it’s been such an honour to have been entrusted with capturing such a momentous time in their lives. So to all of you I say a heartfelt thank you.

It has been an immense year for me and my photography business. This was the year that things really took off and goals started to be met. I didn’t start off with goals when I created my family photography business, I just thought it would be nice to be doing something I loved and in the process preserve special memories for people. I had come from a lengthy career in the NHS as a nurse and midwife and I was looking for an outlet for my creative side. I was burnt out and disillusioned and wanted to feel enthusiastic about something again. I never knew I would end up being a wedding photographer. It’s funny how things just fall in to place. When you find the right path it’s one heck of an epiphany and several years down the line I am still pinching myself. Now I look forward to the future with hopes and wishes and truly believe ‘anything is possible’.

This year’s highs have not been without a pretty major low. Some of you will know I lost my brother very suddenly just before New Year. There have been difficult and dark days dealing with a private grief (the world moves on and quite rightly so), and yet publicly getting on with things with enthusiasm and a smile.  It’s been OK though, the hard work, the people, the events, have all helped me along and at times been the perfect therapy and sharing in couples’ happy times has genuinely lifted my spirits. In a strange way his loss has been a huge catalyst to live my life and never waste a day. I should say here how special one particular friend has been. Kirsten has been a great friend for some time, but from that dreadful night to the current day, she has been there for me. Thank you Kirsten.

This too, is the most wonderful industry to work in. I may be self employed, I may sit at my desk editing images alone, I may spend a wedding day shooting alone, but I am surrounded by the most amazingly supportive colleagues who at their very least have been a joy to be associated with, and at their best friends who I know will always be in my life. They are very special and I hope they know who they are.

So I want to end with saying a massive thank you to all of you for making 2012 the year that is was. You have all been part of an amazing journey for me. You have trusted me, encouraged me, had faith in me, pushed me, given me great opportunities, thanked me, hugged me, and made me love my job more than ever. I cannot wait to get stuck in to 2013 and all that lies ahead.

I leave you with a particular favourite from this year by a very talented group of ladies.