A Year On Instagram ~ A Personal Post


Around December I like to prepare a blog post featuring my favourite images from the past year. I have already started this post and it will be published later this month, but today I want to share with you my favourite Instagram images from 2013.

Instagram really is a kind of addiction for me, and I hope this post will help to justify why I possibly spend way too much time using my iPhone to capture life. For the uninitiated, Instagram is basically a phone app that allows you to snap what you see, play around with your image from an assortment of effects, then post it to your Instagram feed. You can follow people you are interested in spying on, and they can follow you! It’s kind of a Twitter with images.

Here is a selection of my favourite images from 2013.


I use Instagram for promoting my work and sometimes instagram favourite images captured on my SLR, that’s just part of being a professional photographer these days, it’s a perfect place to share. However, I mainly use it because I simply love and enjoy it! I love the immediacy of snapping what I see and instantly sharing it with friends and followers. I love the constraints of using just my phone’s camera and the little box of tricks that come with the app that places us all on an even playing field.  Anyone can create art. Did I use the word ‘constraint’? Actually there are no constraints, it’s unbelievable how different everyone’s feed is. Try following users from another part of the world. See how their lives are so different, even how the colours in their images are so different to your own, or maybe very similar. It’s amazing and really interesting to see what other users see as worthy of a capture. Follow a celeb and see a different side to them, a favourite chef for food ideas, and now watch and share short videos too.

Juliet Mckee Instagram

What I personally love most about Instagram,  is that what develops as the weeks and months go by,  is a fascinating tapestry of your life. A unique glimpse into how you see the world. When I look through my feed I see that above all, colour is really integral to how I compose an image, along with shape and form. It is also pretty cool the way the colour pallette on my feed seems to change throughout the year from cool Spring, warm Summer, rustic Autumn and berry red dominated Winter.


I was lucky enough to have a super holiday this Summer, but I am not normally a frequent traveller, and I don’t go to lots of exciting places. I am just a wife, mum, and business owner snapping what appeals to me, and I think what my feed shows, is that there is colour, delight, fun, and art to be had in everything.


If you want to follow me on Instagram you can find me here http://instagram.com/julietmckee

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