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I was thinking this week about favourite childhood memories, and one that came to me, was of Summer terms at Primary school and those seemingly endless play times on the school field. I can almost smell the freshly cut grass and feel the sun on my back through my little nylon Summer dress. The best childhood memories, for me, have nothing to do with big plans, expensive holidays or extravagant gifts. I guess this is why I love these images so much, they remind me of my happy memories and the very best things about childhood.

The images are from yesterday’s family picnic with friends at some old Polo fields a short walk from my home. It was a last minute affair, the very best kind.  Just a picnic, a few beers for the grownups, an old homemade Go-kart, some equine adoration, and a hilarious and rather merry game of rounders. 🙂

There was no Nintendo, no theme park rides, no constantly being duped into spending money on junk food, just good old fashioned fresh air and fun, which provided me with an opportunity to get some really relaxed shots.

The very best way to capture kids is to be swift and nifty with your camera, let things occur naturally, and capture them doing normal stuff, having fun, just being kids. This is how I love doing things. I don’t want shots of my kids in some studio, looking bleached-out and static. I want  images that personify the wonderfully carefree nature of childhood.

These do it for me. Just perfect.

Juliet Mckee Family imagery-1Juliet Mckee Family imagery-1-5Natural-kids-photographyBank-Holiday-Picnic-16Juliet Mckee Family imagery-3Juliet Mckee Family imagery-4Juliet Mckee Family imagery-5Juliet Mckee Family imagery-7Juliet Mckee Family imagery-8Juliet Mckee Family imagery-9Juliet Mckee Family imagery-10Juliet Mckee Family imagery-11Juliet Mckee Family imagery-12Feeding-the-horsesJuliet Mckee Family imagery-1-6HorsesJuliet Mckee Family imagery-1-2Juliet Mckee Family imagery-1-3See more of my family photography in my Family Lifestyle Portfolio.

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