The Best Of The Rest

A look at the best of the rest of my photography from 2016

I wanted to share my favourite photographs from everything else I’ve done outside of weddings in 2016. It’s an eclectic, if not slightly wacky mix of photographs, but worth a share. It’s really the best of the rest I captured when not shooting weddings.

If you’re as obsessed with photography as I am, you’ll understand that feeling you get whenever you pick up your camera. I get this yearning feeling, this need to record what I’m seeing in my own way.  I feel excited to get home and upload my cards and refine the images with the little box of magic that I call Lightroom. I’m already telling a story, but I want you to see that story with even more impact. I want you to ‘get it’.

Of course a lot of what I’ve shot this year are just lighthearted fun shots, but there is deeply personal and meaningful stuff in there too, such as my last visit to my nanna, and photos of my kids of course. Oh and I should say that I shoot the vast majority of photos of my kids on my phone – they’re not here, but equally as special to me. I would encourage all of you to just shoot with whatever you have to hand. It’s not about the gear, it’s about the emotion and the memories.

I take on a limited number of newborn and family shoots each year, and in 2016 I got to return to some of my previous couples to document the next hugely emotional stage in their lives – the arrival of little ones. I love this continuity, and I feel so privileged to be able to present a set of images to families of an amazing but fleeting moment in their lives.

Last year was pretty full on for me and I ended up working through the Summer, so no holiday, but I did get to go to Rome earlier in the year for a photography summit. I just love travel photography, and this is something I really hope to be able to do more of in the future. Rome satisfied my creative juices back then but now I am dreaming of all the places I would love to go and see. I’m hoping for fabulous opportunities in 2017.

Finally my ongoing personal project. Portraits of people with their beloved pets. Last year I decided I had to have a personal project and it had to be something close to my heart. As I’m an animal person it had to be pets, although it wasn’t so much the pets themselves as the relationship between them and their human. The love and the bond, the pride. I’ve really enjoyed the project so far, and I’ve decided to roll it over into this year and continue when I can.

Anyway, enough waffle. Onto the photos.

Happy New Year to you all.


In March I attended a my second photography retreat with a group of lovely ladies who began as colleagues and are now good friends. This is a favourite shot at sunset.

Dorset Pastoral scene

Me and the kids, taken with the help of a tripod and timer. I took the same shot a few years ago with us all in exactly the same place in the same pose. I want to do this again many times.


In March I made a final visit to see my 101 year old nanna. She was very frail and weak. I thought long and hard about taking some photographs, but in the end I was so glad that I did. She passed away peacefully on the 1st April 2016. I miss her very much.

Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-1-5Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-4Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-5

In April I attended a photography conference in Rome. It was a fabulous trip with wonderful sights, great company, and brilliant speakers.

Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-21Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-19Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-18Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-20Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-24Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-23Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-22

I was very fortunate to be able to have my daughter Kitty with me for her week of work experience. We covered various aspects of photography from commercial product photography, architectural photography, and journalistic. These were a few I shot during the week. Hers were obviously much better! 🙂

Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-26Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-27Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-29The Queen and Prince Phillip at WindsorJuliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-31

The first of my portraits from my ongoing Pets & People.

Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-32Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-33

I was commissioned by a local school to take some photographs for their website.

Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-35Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-36

Lotty and Joey, more portraits for my Pets & People project. 🙂

Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-1-4Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-1-2

At the end of March I spent a day shooting behind the scenes of production with top designer Suzanne Neville.

Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-14Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-13Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-15

More pets & People – Joel, Clover and various other members of the family.

Ellis Family - Juliet Mckee Photography-6Ellis Family - Juliet Mckee Photography-9Ellis Family - Juliet Mckee Photography-13

And another.. Charlie and Hobnob.

Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-1-6Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-2-2

I had the absolute privilege of going back to see previous bride and groom  Jenny and John and their new little arrival Tabitha.

Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-39Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-40

The end of an era for friend Lucy and family as they passed on ownership of Frenchies restaurant.

Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-42

The junior school fete. Yes it did rain! Then it rained again, and again, and again…

Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-44Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-45Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-46

Another newborn photo shoot for a previous bride and groom. This time Sarah and Chris and their twins Ethan and James.

Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-48Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-49Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-51Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-52

A family trip to the Southbank during the school holidays.

Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-54Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-55Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-56

My daughter Kitty with her best friend Becky.

Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-58Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-57Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-59

I got to go back a second time to the Wood family for another newborn shoot.

Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-60Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-61Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-62Juliet Mckee Favourites of 2016-63In September I was commissioned to shoot a behind the scenes look at Suzanne Neville’s 25th Anniversary Portrait Collection launch at the Tower Of London. You can see more here.Models preparing for the catwalkThe catwalk in full flowSignature dress of the 2017 collectionThanks for looking, and to quote my friend;

Be kind

Work hard

Stay humble

Smile often

Stay loyal

Travel when possible

Be thankful


And love…’