A Fetcham Park Winter Wedding

Chris And Naomi’s Glittering Fetcham Park Winter Wedding

Fetcham Park wedding -Juliet Mckee Photography-23

My final wedding of 2014 was and absolute corker. Chris and Naomi married at St Michael’s Church in Mickleham in the heart of the Surrey Hills.  Afterwards they celebrated with friends and family at the very wonderful Fetcham Park.

This was an amazing wedding to photograph and you couldn’t ask for a nicer couple. Being December, I was a little concerned the weather may have caused a few problems, but not at all, it was a perfectly crisp Winter’s day.

I began the day by capturing Naomi’s final preparations while my trusty second photographer, Julie Anne Skelton, covered Chris and his Groomsmen and their shenanigans. 🙂

I’m sure you will agree, Naomi and her bridesmaids looked a million dollars (and of course Chris and the guys looked resplendent with gold Dickie bows and cumberbands). I absolutely adored Naomi’s colour scheme and her flowers were so pretty. I could have included even more photographs of that bouquet – it had such a wow factor!

Fetcham Park really did provide the perfect setting for a wedding so close to Christmas. It was grand, opulent,  yet cosy and with so much pretty to photograph.

Chris and Naomi, it really was such a pleasure to be there to capture such a special day in your lives, and I wish you every happiness in your future lives together. J x

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See Chris & Naomi’s photobooth here

Huge thanks to Julie Anne Skelton for assisting me.

Thank you also to Mrs Caudery for having me once again.


Church – St Michaels Mickleham

Flowers – Bloomingayles

Hair & Makeup – Carolanne Armstrong

Dress – Maggie Sottero at Miss Bush

Hair Accessories – Jenny Packham

Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Venue – Fetcham Park

Catering – At Home

Wedding Cake – Marks & Spencers

Giant Letters – Vowed & Amazed

Ceramic Hearts –Rainbow Celebrations

String Quartet – Niche