A Countryside Proposal

An Unexpected Second Proposal

Kat and John booked me to shoot their wedding which was originally due to be last July, but due to this Covid business, sadly they had to postpone their nuptials until 2021. Their Platinum wedding package included a pre-wedding shoot that due to lockdown had also been postponed, so it was really lovely to finally get together with them for a special sunset session.

Before the shoot Kat had her hair and makeup done by Carolanne, who will travel with me to Guernsey this summer for the couple’s wedding weekend (we can’t wait for the road and sea trip!). She looked gorgeous (and of course so did John, that goes without saying!).

We started the shoot with the couple’s beautiful shepherd dogs. As a dog lover, and having grown up with German Shepherds, this was especially enjoyable (even when Odin leapt at the tennis ball that I was holding to get his attention). 🙂

Later we made our way across the lane to woodland, before heading to a field with views of the surrounding countryside just as the sun began to set. At this point Kat surprised John by asking for his hand and presenting him with a ring. This was a complete surprise for John and so touching!

As always, getting together before a wedding day for a couples’ shoot is always a great opportunity to discuss the finer details of the wedding, and also to get to know each other a little more. I’ve always found the process enhances the wedding day experience and cements our photographer/couple relationship. Of course Kat and John now have some lovely photos to enjoy that include the dogs too.

If you fancy surprising your other half by popping the questioned with an unexpected proposal drop me line, and we can plan the where and the when with a little bit of secret scheming! 🙂

Kat & John, can’t wait for Guernsey! So exciting!! J x

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Hair & Makeup – Carolanne Armstrong

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