Something about me



I’m Juliet but feel free to call me Jules. 

My Background 

It's a bit of cliché, at the age of 8 my parents gave me a Haminex 110 camera with a box of flash cubes, and I've been passionate about making pictures ever since. My journey to becoming a professional photographer has not been terribly predictable, but to my amazing good fortune, I find myself doing my ultimate job for which I am truly grateful. 

Here's the long bit.....

After college I moved to London where I trained to be a nurse at University College Hospital. It was the old traditional style training back then, hands on from day one, and I learnt many important life lessons. After qualifying I staffed on a busy and sometimes crazy medical ward, before spending some time in Australia. There I nursed in various settings, and got to experience the excitement of flying with the Royal Flying Doctor Service , visiting retired Coober Pedy opal miners in cave dwellings, and generally had a bonzer time.

After my return to the UK and fueled by my mother's tales of East End midwifery (real 'Call The Midwife' stuff), I decided to become a midwife myself. I got a place on a University Of Surrey course and moved to lovely Chichester to train. After qualifying I staffed in Surrey for nearly 10 years as a community midwife and later as a labour ward midwife. I guess I must have delivered over 150 babies and it was a wonderfully worthwhile career.

In this time I met and married my husband and had babies of my own. Priorities changed and night duties began to lose their appeal. Like most mums, I was picking up my camera more and more to capture those precious fleeting moments of childhood. The results caught the eyes of friends who asked me to photograph their little ones too. 

After a while it became clear that photography had to be my future.  I had gained so much from my past, but here was something that seemed to come so naturally to me, and I just loved it. I never realised there had been this creative part of me and it felt like a drug. Now I was seeing everyday in terms of compositions, and feeling the need to document everything with my camera. Then one day after shooting kids and families for nearly a year, a friend asked me if I would consider photographing her brother's wedding.  I read a pile of books, and just got on with it. Rather than being nervous or worried, I was excited and loved the whole experience. From there referals came by word of mouth, and before I knew it I was a wedding photographer.

My Business is my passion

Today I have a well established wedding photography business capturing the most important days for my wonderful brides and grooms. They are typically relaxed and fun and nearly always as passionate about photography as I am.

Of course I love all the pretty stuff, but I'm essentailly interested in capturing the emotions of the day. I am genuinely interested in each couple's story, and want to record for them not just the big moments but those little candid moments, reactions, surprises, tears of happiness and joy.

As well as weddings I also have a particular interest in editorial bridal fashion photography, and have worked with some of the biggest names in the UK wedding industry. Regular clients include Suzanne Neville and Miss Bush Bridalwear. My editorial and real weddings have frequesntly been featured on wedding blogs such as Rock My Wedding and Love My Dress, as well as featured in You And Your Wedding Magazine, Wedding Magazine and Wedding Ideas Magazine.

I believe it’s really important to shoot for yourself on a daily basis. From everyday shots of my kids growing up, to documenting my grandmother’s final days, I know no other way that tells their stories with such power and emotion.  I guess I am essentially most interested in people and their emotional journey through life.

As well as sharing my life with my husband and children, I am also an animal lover. We have ducks and chickens, and 4 utterly ravishing but rather high maintenance Siamese cats!  

If you want to see some genuine feedback from real couples, you can find that here on my testimonials page. To have a nosey feel free to follow m on social media. :)