Q. Are you insured?

AYes, I have full Indemnity and Liability insurance.

Q. Do you offer midweek and out of season discounts?

A. My Bijou wedding package is available for midweek weddings of up to 5 hours. If you wish to hire me for a longer period you can add hours to your package at a rate of £150/hr.

As many couples choose to marry out of season, this forms a large proportion of my work, and requires just as much time and skill. By discounting these weddings I would be running my business at a loss.

Q. Can we negotiate the price of our package, haggle or do a deal for cash?

A. Eek, this is a tricky one to answer!  My fees are worked out very carefully. I take on a limited number of weddings each year in order to ensure I personally am there to shoot every single one (I don't send an associate photographer). This ensures I am able to offer my usual high standard of service and take the time to get to know them so that I can capture images for them which reflect their individual personalities.

Each wedding from initial emails, meetings, paperwork, preparation, file management, work flow and editing of images, equipment maintenance and so on can take up to 10 working days.  The equipment I use to do this is worth around £10,000, and needs maintaining, replacing and updating fairly regularly. In addition, using the latest software and maintaing a website, paying for image storage, and being insured, all add to the expense of being a professional photographer. Bridal magazines and forums may suggest you ask for a discount, but please consider if you would ask the same when purchasing services in other areas of life. Being a photographer is no get rich scheme, and if a photographer is offering a bargain, consider if they are investing in their business in the way that I have outlined.

Q. How many photographers cover each wedding?

A. Most of the time I work alone. Occasionally couples request an additional photographer perhaps to cover extended time with the Groom in the morning, or where the guest list is particularly long, and a couple would like all the guests to be included in candid shots.  My 'second' photographers are professional photographers in their own right, and are expected to have a similar style of shooting, similar equipment, and be able to work independently and with confidence.

Q. What camera do you use?

A. I'm a Nikon girl. I currently shoot with 2 full frame D750 bodies and use a selection of prime and zoom lenses.

Q. Do you take group shots?

A. Yes of course, I view these as an important historical document and something generations of your family will look back at and enjoy. When planning your list, please do take into consideration the time of year and light restrictions, as well as allowing upto 5 minutes (sometimes longer) to set up and take each shot. A good number is around 5 combinations, and no more than 10.

Q. Can I make special photography requests?

A. Yes, definitely, as long as it's not to apply spot colour to your photographs! :)  Hopefully you will have hired me because you love and trust what I do, but it's important for me to know any additional information so that I can produce a collection of images you will love. It may be that you have an elderly relative who is shy in front of the camera, but of whom you would like some lovely candid shots. It might even be just making me aware that divorced relatives mustn't be made to stand next to each other in a group shot!  These are real examples, so just let me know.

Q. Do you charge for travel?

A. Travel up to 100 miles to and from from GU15 is included. Further afield is charged at 45p per mile. Occasionally accommodation may be required for journeys greater than 2 hours away. This will be discussed at time of booking, but is simply the nearest Travelodge or Premier Inn and not expensive.

Q. What happens if details change between booking and the wedding?

A. I encourage all my couples to get in touch whenever they have anything they need to discuss. A month before your wedding I send you a detailed wedding questionnaire checking all the timings of your day, special photography requests and a group shot list.

Q. What happens if you are ill and cannot attend the wedding?

A. I have never, to date, let a couple down or had to cancel coverage due to poor health. In the unlikely event that I am unable to attend your wedding, please be assured that I belong to a large network of professional photographers, and every effort will be made to supply you with a photographer of similar style and ability.

Q. What happens if we have to cancel our wedding?

A. I sincerely hope you don't, but sadly if you do have to cancel your wedding please let me know as soon as possible. Unfortunately as a secure booking prevents me taking another booking for that date meaning I may have turned other weddings away, I am unable to refund any monies paid.

Q. We would like to book you. What do we do next?

A. Once you have decided you would like to book me, please let me know straight away. I operate on a first come first served basis and require a completed booking form, signed wedding agreement, and a 50% deposit. A wedding date is not secured unless I have all paperwork and your deposit.

Q. When do we get to see our photographs?

AI love to post some highlights of your wedding day the very next day. My couples always love this and it gives them something to enjoy on honeymoon (when not enjoying other things), as well as beautiful professional shots to share on social media with wedding guests and those who couldn't be there.

During wedding season please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery of your completed collection. The rest of the year it is frequently less than 6 weeks. In all cases I will inform you if there is likely to be any delay

 Gold Wedding Package (most popular)

Also receive a slideshow to music featuring some of the highlights of your day. Great for sharing with friends and family online, and also included on your USB.

15 7x5” complimentary fine art prints.

8 hours - £1950

6 hours - £1650

With Fine art wedding album (10 x 10 or A4) + £500


Bijou Wedding Package

For Midweek weddings of 5 hours or less

10 complimentary 5 x 7 prints.

Up to 5 hours - £1200


Platinum Wedding Package

Engagement Shoot with a selection of high-resolution downloadable images.

Two photographers on the day.

Slideshow to music featuring some of the highlights of your day. 

Large Fine Art Wedding Album 

 Travel up to 200 miles.

20 7x5” complimentary fine art prints.

10 hours - £2995

(considerable savings)


Additional Hours - £150 per hour bookable in advance only.

Second Photographer - £300 for 8 hours.

Extended Travel - For journeys over 100 miles to and from my base at GU15, 45 pence per mile.

Accommodation - Travelodge/Premier Inn style room for weddings greater than 3 hours from GU15 (1 to 2 nights depending on start/ finish time)